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Fierce is an animatronic wolf, with a white body and red spots all over her. She has light blue eyes, a slighty pointed nose, a red spot around her right eye and two red ears. Her arms are quite segmented, with rounded paws on the end. Fierce's eyes also have the words "manequinn" written on them, more clearly on the left. Her paws are also oddly scratched.


She is rather caring, mostly towards Fluffy. But she has a wild side, acting as if she was an untamed wolf. She can get angry very quickly, and burn when she gets extremely cross. Deep down, she is a rather confused entity, and doesn't know who she truly is, and how she met Fluffy.


Her mother abandoned her as a pup, when she was real. She found a baby dragon in a cave, seeming to be having nightmares in his sleep. It was raining, so Fierce decided to take shelter. She eventually had the courage to sit near the dragon, for her warmth. The baby dragon seemed to calm immediately. Years later, when the animals had been taken to a strange place, both Fluffy and Fierce, given names, were turned into animatronics. They had been performing in the pizzeria, when a freak accident caused Fluffy to run away. Fierce, a long time later, met up with Fluffy again.


  • She used to be a real wolf, and would be similar to the wolf in Okami.
  • She can use her mouth as a flamethrower.
  • She was actually able to grow into an adult from a pup, like Fluffy can grow from a child to an adult.
  • She was meant to be an electric wolf, and her favourite food was fire ants. However, that diet of fire ants gave her a fiery temper.